Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Igloos & kush clouds

Quick post here to let our loyal readers (stay warm alaska) know about some quality music I've come aross while zoning out on the internet lately.

The first is the "Running from the sun" mixtape compiled by the Chromatics. From the same people/record label (Italians do it Better) that contributed heavily to the soundtrack for "Drive", this music goes along the same vein. Excellent for those situations where you are driving fast and moodily against the backdrop of a sunset/away from a city at night/to 7-11 to get snacks... at night. Get it here
The other is the new album from the group Emeralds. This group is an instrumental collective that makes abstract electronic/live-instrumental music. The group has been featured on a few Factor mixes. along with the solo work of their guitarist Mark McGuire (who is seriously dope in his own right). Check it all out. Great for hotboxing your igloo with dense peyote smoke... at night.

Anyway... all these spaced out retro-future vibes are making me seriously consider this purchase... fuck... that looks so fucking cool

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