Friday, March 29, 2013

On Blast: 3/28/13

New mix on the way, as soon as I stop cursing garageband for screwing it up, and just post it. In the meantime, just wanted to share a few things that I've been groovin on. 

RIP Jason Molina, your music was truly one of a kind. Drove back home this past weekend, and listened to hours of songs ohia/magnolia electric company tunes. The rustic scenery of VA's rolling hills  served as an excellent backdrop to his music. Molina's music was sad, raw, aching, and original. A working man's nick drake, with the gothic strangeness of bonnie prince, and off-the-cuff rage of neil young all mixed together. News of his death was truly sad, and I had to make sure NF acknowledged this man's timeless music. 

Been reading Byrne's recent book off and on lately. Not surprisingly, the man's got some interesting ideas on art and music. This cut comes from their early live album "The name of this band is the Talking Heads", which shoes the band stripped down to its most basic form. Even the album's title exhibits the direct simplicity with which Byrne was attempting to communicate his music. Everything from the featureless CBGB, to the frontman's baggy pants-suite, and the ultra-tight punk/dance grooves of the original four piece is reflected on this album. So good. Most bands today can only imagine operating on this level.

Kind of in a deep phase of being real fascinated with these guys. Alien lanes is a indisputable masterpiece, albiet a messy, totally fucked up one. One dude, one 4-track, lots of empty beer cans, and a ton of unforgettable music. Can't get enough of Pollard's lyrical vision. Everything is askew in this band, but makes so much damn sense at the same time. When GBV is firing on all cylinders, there's no other music like it.


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