Friday, May 3, 2013

Introducing Videodrone

I watch a lot of movies, from cinematic landmarks to unbearable dog shit. I've crawled through the murkiest, most remote of YouTube accounts for surreal treasures and pointless time-kills. But I am far from a movie expert, and hardly a critic. The amount of classic films I've ignored would provoke fainting spells from champions of high taste and illicit the heartiest of scoffs from the obsessive students of artistic cinema. But I love movies, and I love everything about them, from the brilliant to the awful, in equal measure. Everyone should love movies, have their own personal classics, secret favorites, and that's why I've arrived at the Complete Non-Factor - not to be another self-fashioned film snob in a dark room talking to himself about good taste, but to share my enthusiasm that comes from movies of all levels of "quality." Plus, I need to write about all this shit somewhere.

The majority of my viewing is from home, usually in bed, and almost always in the midnight hours that I understand a lot of work around here at the Non-Factor happens. My programming is more to "report" than "review" - this is basically just a running log of what I watched and what I thought (or can remember thinking), partly because this drone is having a hard time remembering it all. I'll cover the dregs of Netflix surfing sober, under the influence, and hungover. There will be the occasional trip to the theater, ventures into the shit jungle of YouTube with no objective, and re-watching of personal favorites.

I've watched it all so you don't have to, I've watched it all even if you never wanted to, it's the nature of my programming - I'm Videodrone.

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