Friday, July 12, 2013

New CNF Mix: Hooligans 4 Life

This mix has been in the oven for a while. It started as a "Reach The Beach" sequel, but since I haven't actually been going to the beach so far this summer that idea went out the window. What I have been doing this summer is slugging brews, so that's what you could say this one is about. I really just wanted something loud to listen to straight through with a bunch of guitars and a mix of new jams and tunes from back in the day, just good time summer shit. I like that picture a lot because the guy on the right looks like @CurlyBumbles.

Superchunk - This Summer
Pixies - Letter to Memphis
Boston - Higher Power
FIDLAR - No Waves
Weezer - Take Control
The Replacements - Black Diamond
Guided By Voices - Chasing Heather Crazy
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - High School
Rozwell Kid - Van Man
Waters - For The One
Superdrag - Stu
FIDLAR - Cheap Beer
Pixies - Head On
Rival Schools - Hooligans For Life
Husker Du - Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill

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