Friday, April 22, 2011

Reach The Beach Mix

This mix tells a story, or tries to. The winter months take ordinary people like you and I hostage, the short days and long nights spent dreading the next day of work or school can push you toward the edge of madness. When spring comes it brings with it rain and gray skies making it seem like there may be no relief in sight. But there is, and it's almost here: Sweet Summertime.

This mix chronicles the journey of a man (who can be any one of us) as he transitions from the manic, veiny-eyed ravings of a man at the end of his rope to a chill bro who has found solace in the church of the beach. He takes off into a realm that is neither ocean nor space, swimming in the ether and discovering new life forms. He meets three rapping ghosts of summers past and finds a small planet in the corner of the galaxy where he can ponder his existence. By the last two tracks he's sitting in his new home, the beach at night, reflecting on his quest before the final track comes and lifts him into the air. It is at this point, looking down on the world he once knew below him, his mind is free and he backstrokes through the night sky.

In the breakdown we hear him go through to open the mix, he thinks out loud and rants on a great many subjects, most of which are out of his control. In contrast, the final track leaves him with the comfort of knowing it can all be as simple as "Some things come from nothing, nothing seems to come from something."

Reach The Beach by DubyaD

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, chillllllllll overrrrrlllooooadddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!