Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer of the swamp

Well it turns out there really is such a thing as too much success. In only a few short months, the rapid rise of CNF has demonstrated the perils of overnight success, in all its hedonistic and goddamn good ol American glory. All those fast cars, rampant drugs, and beautiful women have seemingly distracted our writers from noticing that they haven't written a single fucking new post in over 3 months. Surely, they will be forced to plunge new depths of soulless profit-whoring and cunning wit to avoid the coming onslaught of angry creditors, seedy pimps, and (worst of all) looming rehab stints.

But in the meantime....

I’m debuting a new music project I’ve been working on. I’m calling it “SwampJoint”, and I’ll spare all the shticky self-promotion bullshit. I actually worked kind of hard on recording this stuff over the last few months, and its time to toss it out there into the abyss. Everything was recorded in the cramped space of my room, and the quality is definitely worse-than-shitty in some places. I might have been slightly drunk on a few songs, and I think I recorded my dog barking at me at one point, and (if you listen close) my pops is yelling at me to shut the hell up in the background of pretty much every song. Needless to say, I had a ton on fun recording this stuff, and there will undoubtedly be a volume 2 coming at some point (hopefully with some guest musicians). Download link is below.

SwampJoint- Instrumentals Vol. 1
Also going to put up another mix on here of crucial jams that influenced the creation of SwampJoint. Stay tuned, and remember to always go hard, because its fucking summer. 

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