Saturday, October 29, 2011

Build a Fire Mix

He travels fastest who travels alone . . . but not after the frost has dropped below zero fify degrees or more. - Yukon Code.

Its that time of the year again. The nights are longer, the air is colder, and the wind will soon be whippin at your ass. Don't fuck with mother nature. She doesn't give a damn who you are, and that bitch will get nasty. Whatever problems you might have, just be thankful you aren't stranded on an open tundra. Or maybe you are... If so, just put on the new mix, try your damnedest to build that fire. Cozy up to the tunes, and embrace the sweet euphoria of frozen death. Because the trees are all gone, so slack off, have fun, learn to play pool, inhale. Peddle the ass that god gave you.

NonFactorMixFall11 by SwampJoint

Kurt Vile- Unknown 2
The Contrails- Mummy walk (walking death)
Yo La Tengo- Fog over frisco
Mark McGuire- Brainstorm (for erin)/Nirvana interview
Deerhunter- Spring hall convert
The Stepkids- Suburban dream
Bonnie Prince Billy- I wonder if I care
Atlas Sound- Artificial snow (NoTown version)
Galaxie 500- Blue thunder
Ducktails- On the boardwalk/Louis CK
Jeff Mangum- King of carrot flowers live
Oneohtrix Point Never- Describing bodies

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