Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On Blast 11/20

Gotta head into work to slang burritos for the man real soon, so no time for a long post. But here's the shit I'm stoked on right now. Dig it:

Captain Murphy

Nobody's really sure who this is that's rapping. Rumor is that this might be flylo, or possibly Earl Sweatshirt, or maybe a combination of both. Can't confirm any of that, but I can attest that this shit is hella dope. Featuring contributions by flylo, madlib, teebs, clams casino, tnght, and Jeremiah jae. Glad to see someone making some freaked out weird ass hip hop again, a la Doom.

Miguel- "The Thrill (Yours Truly Session)"

Slept on this dude for a while. As a loyal, unashamed, and (most importantly) unironic supporter of any type of quality r&b, i gotta say this shit hits hard. Aside from the slightly corny guitar-bro, this live version is what converted me. Dig the real.

Jim James- "Know Till Now"

When I heard Jim was indulging his funkier side on his upcoming solo joint, i figured it would be good, but probably go unnoticed by most critics. Fuck that. This man's pipes are unmatched. As a die hard MMJ fan, I always liked their freakier/groovier stuff better than the slower, lighter-in-the-air, hold-your-girlfriend's-hand stuff. I'm completely down with Jim gettin back on that Tyrone vibe. Go on and get your freak on my man.

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