Friday, November 30, 2012

On Blast

Memory Tapes - "Neighborhood Watch"

I had a strong feeling that whatever Memory Tapes came out with next was going to find itself On Blast. Their new album "Grace/Confusion" doesn't just confirm that, it goes beyond my expectations. "Neighborhood Watch" opens the album and while it appeals to my memory of the nostalgia-heavy chill of Summer '09's "Seek Magic," it also showcases a promising evolution for the band. What's striking on first listen is that Memory Tapes immediately inserts itself into the conversation for the most absolute current sounding band today. This would be an achievement in itself even with just this one song that manages to have everything you'd want without sounding bloated - but the entire album is the showcase of a band who is in total command of a diverse and mind-altering treasure chest of sound.

Rapidgator:Memory Tapes - Grace/Confusion (2012)

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