Monday, December 3, 2012

On Blast 12/3/12

Got some new tunes for ya'll to vibe on. If you're diggin the "on blast" posts, give us a shout out on whatever social feed you rock, or simply spread the word by letting people know about the site. Also, be sure to follow the new non-factor twitter feed. Some of you have asked for an email list, which will hopefully be coming soon. In the meantime, blast out:

Neil Young & Crazy Horse- "Psychedelic Pill"

This album is a pleasant surprise from a man who is an indisputable top-10 all time artist here at the factor. I usually tend to avoid new albums from musicians in the twilight of their careers, but Ol-Shakey is certainly the exception. Neil his trusty backing band really bring it on this album, and true to the bluntly-stated title, he gets his weird on. Gotta respect a man who starts out an album with a 30 minute jam/freak out. The guitar sounds as dark and menacing as when these guys were playing "Cortez" or "Down by the River", and the lyrics are direct vintage Neil. Now I might need to break my habit again, and go check out "Tempest". Check out the video for album highlight "She's Always Dancing" below:

Nite Jewel-
"P.Y.T. (Michael Jackson Cover)"-

I've known about Nite Jewel for a little while, and was stoked to hear her take on this MJ classic. "Am I Real" is what got me into her originally (the guitar break just kills on that joint). She's done some work with Dam-Funk, and has released a few albums on Stones Throw. Sort of like a funkier Grimes, with a more chilled-out west-coast vibe. She crushes this cover, which I've always argued for as the best track off of Thriller.

Nicolas Jaar & Theatre Roosevelt- "The Ego"

If you've ever listened to any of my mixes on here, you might know I'm a huge fan of anything Jaar-related. Not sure who this Roosevelt guy is, but I am diggin on this track for real. Sort of reminds me of a druggier, more disorienting, and funkier take of Kanye's use of mad-cat vocals a-la "Mercy" (which in fact ripped off this Jaylib's "Champion Sound" from years ago... just sayin Madlib did it first). Anyway this track delivers on that heavy, hazed out, beat shit that Jaar does so well. Kind of how I imagine what David Lynch might sound like if he made hip-hop beats.

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