Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On Blast

New single from Gauntlet Hair from the album "Stills." It's only Wednesday and I'm dragging ass this week so this one is capturing the mindset pretty well. Check out that 90's Alt YouTube art.

I don't really know what all I can say about this Airhead cat, but I really like him. From beginning to the end, "For Years" delivers the weird - but you can party to this shit too, I'm talking poppin some bubbly. This track is like a secret level in Donkey Kong Country where Diddy Kong takes DMT and keeps dumping his head in a barrel of water.

Fuck Buttons is intense, you guys. This track off the forthcoming "Slow Focus" is on some mental shit. Fuck Buttons come off as totally confident in their sound which comes in a XXXL size big enough to wreak havoc on entire nations. Play this track and try not to imagine a slow burning neon storm cloud crawling toward your city. Independence Day and that scene from Ghostbusters when that asshole frees all the ghosts while that based Mick Smiley track plays. Seriously, if there was a Mutant League Soccer video game this song would be on a mandatory loop during every match. I tried to hang curtains to this track yesterday and around the 6 minute mark I was compelled to crash through my living room window because I truly believed I could land in stride and run a fucking mile.


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